How to Audition: 

  • Register for camp before you submit audition (your audition will not be accepted unless you are registered)

  • Record all videos in landscape mode (Phone turned sideways)

  • Videos need to be from the waist up or full body

  • Start each video with your full name, where you're from, age, and character you are auditioning for

  • Keep each video about 1-2 minutes long

  • You should have 2 videos to submit. (Singing and Acting)

  • Submissions need to be through YouTube link

  • Add your headshot and resume to the email 

  • Share links and resume in one email to [email protected]

  • You will receive an email confirming your submission and that all videos are working within 24-48 hrs


  • We would like an audition from everyone, even if you are wanting an ensemble role. Thank You!

  • Every person who auditions will be in the production

  • If you join/ register for camp from May 4th-June 1st you will automatically become part of our ensemble group. We still need you!!!




In this audition video, you will need about 1-2  mins of singing. Please make sure that you are singing with music and no one else is singing with you. If you are not sure what to sing, please choose a song from Broadway or Disney.  Remember that the video needs to be from at least your waist up. Be wise and pick the best part of the song (does not have to start at the beginning of the song). 

SUMMER CAMP: Please sing a song for the play we are doing this year by the character(s) you are auditioning for.  You may do up to 2 characters. There is no guarantee that you will get that character, but this helps us see your personality as that character. 

Character List





In this audition video, you need to have a 1 minute dramatic or comic monologue. You are free to pick your monologue. This needs to be from anything other than the play you are auditioning for. Remember that the video needs to be from at least your waist up.