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Becky Evans

Director of White Mountain Performing Arts

About Becky

Nanci Wudel has been working in film, national television commercials, and infomercials, and commercial print for 25 years. Her first film debut was in Oscar-nominated, "Chaplin," with Robert Downey, Jr., as Hostess of Perinos's (non credited). Her first national TV commercial was as a spokesperson for Tylenol, produced by Saatchi & Saatchi, New York City, In 2015, she played Janel Dayton in "The Cokeville Miracle," and also portrayed Edith Frank, Anne's Frank's mother, in "Hanneli and Anna." In 2016, she appeared in "One Hour Behind," produced for Hallmark; and that same year, also had a role in T.C. Christensen's new film, "Kennedy" (both films scheduled for release in 2017). She was represented by FORD Talent Agency for 20 years and is now independent. She is SAG-eligible and resides in Mesa, Arizona.

Rise Up Stage Camp Keynote Speaker

Friday, July 9, 2021

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